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Meet Sasha

Relationship Life Coach, Author and Speaker

Sasha offers relationship coaching for both individuals and couple who are seeking to understand themselves better in the context of forming intimate relationships. My background is in psychology and after many years of working in corporate sectors and training many in business, law enforcement, and in relationships, being featured on numerous podcasts, magazine features and Hampton Roads New Business Spotlight, I created a way to teach others get to that same level through coaching sessions hat are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and often surrounds topics related to self-worth, unhealthy dynamics, toxic patterns, communication, pre-marital preparation, and goal setting. 

I realized early on that teaching and helping others create a mindset of relationship recovery versus having to adapt to past trauma they have experienced is possible . I also realized that my life and relationship mishaps gave me an added advantage to teach others how to navigate from brokenness to bliss. Whether you are exiting an abusive relationship, wanting to address existing relationship patterns, are in a challenging marriage or simply want to fine tune what is already working well, relationship coaching can be a wonderful step towards long lasting and fulfilling connection.

Unlike what you tell yourself and limiting beliefs, you are not broken, you are not unlovable, and you are not destined for empty relationships and superficial love. If you choose not won't be single forever. It may be hard to believe and I get it, that’s ok – I trust that one day you will see what I do.

I am excited for you. You may not know it yet, but you have embarked on a journey toward authentic love, which will ultimately change the way you see yourself, your partner, and your relationships. Are you ready?

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