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Green Snowflake
Green Snowflake

If you've been contemplating on whether or not to invest in coaching for your personal or relational enrichment & support, now is the time! I am so excited to welcome you to the table to talk life and relationships! Enjoy the Relational Mindset Holiday Special while spots are open! 

What's Included

Green Snowflake
  • 60- Minute Sessions

  • 4 Sesseions Per Month with Monthly Package

  • Access To Weekly Blogs

  • Relationship Trait Assessment

  • Autographed Copy of New Book (soon to be released)

  • Life Time to Exclusive Relational Mindset Group

  • Additional 30- Minute Follow Up Session

  • Accountability Partner for LIFE!

Green Snowflake

Now Is Your Time To Sign Up!

Monthly Coaching Package $148.50

Single Session Package $48.50