Transformation Time

The Relational Mindset 

 Have you been contemplating change? Are you skeptical that healthy relationships exist, but are willing to try? Are you feeling disconnected and lacking support and resources? Do you find it difficult to hold yourself accountable? Can you imagine where you would like to be in your relationships, but just need some guidance to help you get there? This package is for you!

What’s included?

  • Full coaching assessment to identify needs, goals, problem areas and personal strength

  • 4 intensive one-on-one coaching sessions per month with certified relationship coach, Sasha A. Ridley

  • Customized coaching plan based on your needs, goals and current situation

  • Convenient scheduling

  • Choice of in-person, video conference or phone sessions

$297/month with 

3-month commitment

The Relational Shift

Are you having trouble identyfying the components of a healthy relationship and struggle with setting healthy boundaries? A single session with Coach Sasha will help give you the framwork that you need to identify your struggles. Even if you just need a sounding board to express those inner thoughts and situations you endure from day to day. 

Whats Included?

  • 1- 60 Minute Intensive Session

  • 1 Coachging Assessment

$97 Per Session

How It Works:

My ultimate goal is to help you reached your unique goals by helping you create a relationship plan that is tailored to you using my expertise, case studies, and relationship experiences. 

The coaching are carefully crafted for those who realize there is a plauge in their relationship behaviors and life balance, and have made an emotional and mental committment to working diligently towards a solution.

Review the programs and select the one that will best suite you. If you have questions I am always here to help you find the best program that will suite your needs. 

Once your program is selected...the transformation begins!